masia bellver - restaurant la calma

The Masia El Bellver is the first place visitors come across when they arrive at Pla de la Calma. Nowadays, and after a recent restoration carried out by the Diputació de Barcelona, the farmhouse serves as a restaurant and information point of the Parc Natural del Montseny, while preserving the original structure that was created in the 18th century.

The first news about the Bellver in Tagamanent is dated 15th May 1374, when the name of Bartomeu de Bellver is mentioned. However, observing the architectural typology of the farmhouse, we can affirm that the origin of the farmhouse is much earlier and dates back to the 11th or 12th century.

The Casa-Museu l'Agustí allows a guided tour through all its rooms, led by the eyes of the former residents, accompanied by music and ambient sounds, games of lights, smells and textures, with period furniture, an accurate scenography and audiovisuals. You can take a journey through everyday life in Montseny in the mid-19th century.

At the end of the Pla de la Calma that leads to the Congost, in the western sector of the Montseny natural park, the Diputació de Barcelona, as the administration managing this protected area, has carried out a series of actions over the last few years with the aim of providing this sector with its own range of public facilities.

In this sense, l'Agustí is one of the most outstanding heritage elements of the Montseny Natural Park. A farmhouse documented as early as the 15th century, over the years the building has undergone numerous extensions and modifications, which have given it the imposing appearance of a manor house that it has today.

The Diputació de Barcelona, in collaboration with the Ajuntament de Tagamanent, has carried out an accurate architectural restoration, which has made possible, after a rigorous documentary and archaeological research and a meticulous compilation work, the creation of the house-museum, a project that allows an "environmental immersion" in the past of l'Agustí and, by extension, in the life of this area of the mountain centuries ago.

The old farmhouse of l'Agustí, right under the shadow of the Tagamanent peat bog, is one of the most outstanding elements of the architectural heritage of the Montseny Natural Park. The house-museum offers a guided tour through all the different parts of the farmhouse, accompanied by the voice of Fèlix Agustí, who was the owner at the end of the 18th century. Throughout the visit we will be able to contemplate the objects of the period and enjoy the music, the smells and the images that accompanied any day at ca l'Agustí, thus immersing us in the daily life of a mountain peasant family.