Casa bloc - the jewel of rationalism

This complex consisted of a block of 200 duplex apartments and an open space, a library, a club, a kindergarten, a play area, shops and workshops. It was built as part of the social plan approved by the Government of Catalonia. The configuration of the block allows for apartments with cross-ventilation and views on both sides. The flat roofs are used as traffic-baring terraces. The vertical circulation cores are situated at the corners, reinforcing the image of a continuous block and keeping noise away from people’s homes. This project is an alternative to the closed block found in the Eixample. Following this experiment, the GATPAC was to try the same approach in other projects. It is also the first successful attempt to fully embrace Le Corbusier’s precepts for immeubles-villas.


Josep Lluís Sert / Josep Torres i Clavé / Joan Baptista Subirana