RS Football Tables

One of the best all-time classics of our Spanish game culture


If the Catalan firm RS Barcelona stands out for anything, it is undoubtedly for the quality and design of its spectacular table football tables.

RS table football tables are characterised by their practical and functional design, without renouncing the classic essence of this table game that has given so many hours of fun to young and old alike.

Their simple and elegant aesthetics make these table football tables fit perfectly in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Over the years, RS Barcelona's star product has become an indispensable piece of leisure equipment for architects, interior designers and designers.

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  1. RS2 Football Table
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    Price from €4,305.00
  2. RS3 Wood Football Table
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    Price from €4,022.10
  3. RS3 Football Table
    Price from €3,382.50
  4. RS4 Home Football Table
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4 Products
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RS Barcelona footbal tablesRS# indoor and outdoor table football is designed specifically for children who were once told that "adults don't play, they just work".

A reinterpretation of a classic game of Spanish culture, table football invented by poet and inventor Alejandro Finisterre in 1937, the players stand with their feet facing each other.

Our foosball tables combine game and design for maximum enjoyment. The aim is clearly to create a playful atmosphere in the room, reviving the spirit of the game and creating unforgettable moments with family and friends.

The foosball tables we have designed can be customised and, for the first time, can be used by female players. They are unique and individual pieces ideal for decorating homes, bars and restaurants... Foosball tables for the garden, poolside or patio... 

The RS Barcelona foosball table is part of the Stay Playful collection. These products are more than simple designs. They are experiences. They are unforgettable moments. They are an understanding and commitment to life, expressed in a simple promise to "live intensely".