Teixidors textiles



Few stories behind a brand are so emotional, sincere and authentic. Teixidors has the deserved recognition of being one of these. They do not need artifices, but simply a solid project, environmental and social sustainability, a team and craft work that make it a great company that offers a great product.

Teixidors was born in Terrassa in 1983 as a "cooperative with a social vocation" with the aim of helping people with learning difficulties through economic independence and social integration. This philosophy, excellent materials (linen, yarn, cashmere, merino wool ...) and a manual production are the secret of unique and unrepeatable pieces made with the heart and aimed at sensitive and committed people like you.
All the pieces are made with wooden hand looms. The characteristics of this tool together with the weaver's singularity make each product a different and "deliciously imperfect" jewel.

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