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The designs and materials are inspired by the refined modern woman while maintaining functionality. Includes a bench/bed embellished with velvet and silk.


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The image of a delicate, modern woman is captured in the delicate shapes and materials, without forgetting the functionality of the product.
It is a tribute to the feminine and nimble woman. It brings back memories of watching my mother apply her own make-up with longing eyes when I was a child.


  • Natural solid walnut or black ash and polished brass accessory.
  • Optional marble top.
  • Pouf upholstered in pink, grey or beige velvet.

*The mirror can be ajusted in two heights.

Vanity Table nomonhome Drawings

Vanity Table

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Is the leader in indoor clocks, with presence in over 60 countries.

We design and create visually stunning pieces, where the clock ceases to be a mere accessory and becomes the protagonist, decorating the walls of homes, offices, receptions and all kinds of facilities.

Creativity, design and technology are the three main principles that mark our products.

The result is original clocks of avant-garde design and high quality, produced in a handmade fashion using innovative techniques.

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