RS4 Home Football Table

RS Barcelona
Price from €2,767.50

The RS4 Home football table is designed for playing at home with family and friends. Suitable for all ages. For sharing. Every moment. Create your own games and set your own rules once the game starts.

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  • Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.
  • Legs: Iroko wood.
  • Field: HPL.
  • Players: Cast aluminium with micro textured polyester paint.
  • Handles: Iroko wood.

– Set of 7 balls (5 standard and 2 silent).

Care & Maintenance

RS Barcelona products are made from high quality materials to ensure durability. Although age may catch up with us, they can be preserved not only for their longevity, but also for their attractiveness and beauty. As with all products that we love and want to preserve and protect, they need regular care and maintenance, which should be enhanced for products used outdoors.

- Carefully read the advice and tips for each product in the instructions for use. These can also be found in the Downloads section of the website.
- There is no general solution for how often products should be maintained. It depends very much on the environment in which they are placed (indoors, outdoors or under a roof, near the sea or a swimming pool, in very humid conditions or in areas where it rains often...). The frequency of maintenance should therefore be determined according to the behaviour of the product and the materials in the environment.
- If the product is left unused for a long period of time or if it is exposed to severe weather conditions, it should be protected by an optional cover and/or placed indoors or in a covered room to avoid dust and moisture, which are the main causes of mould and corrosion.

The Brand

RS Barcelona



At RS Barcelona we create intense living products; products which, thanks to their high design value, top-quality materials and functionality, offer innovative solutions through a combination of the meticulously crafted details and the precision of industrial manufacturing. Our products are much more than designer items. They’re experiences. They’re unforgettable moments. They’re a way of understanding and approaching life that can be summed up in a single pledge and mission: intense living. They reflect a set of values that define the way we design, manufacture, work, share and live.