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One of the greatest, yet one of the least known geniuses of Catalan architecture was Josep Maria Jujol, whose creativity and imagination took the architectural industry of Catalunya to new heights. Not only was he an architect, but he was also in to sculpting, painting and a very popular graphic artist. Perhaps his defining achievement is the fact that he was the closest and one of the keenest collaborators with Gaudi. The Casa de Familia water decanter was created in 1912, for an orphanage with the same name. The Casa De Familia might seem simplistic, but it perfectly highlights the artistic ability of Jujol, and the photo you’re looking at was taken cleverly before two mirrors to fully get an idea of the beauty of this design from all angles. The approximate capacity of the bottles is 1- 2L. Colours: Transparent and Blue.

The Brand




In 1972, a group of young architects and designers from Barcelona created BD with the aim of producing and marketing furniture and other objects for our projects, with complete creative freedom and with a criterion that has turned out to be quite different from the norm at companies in the sector, regarding both the shape and function.