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Practical, simplistic, minimalistic. Meet 'WE'. Designed by Francesc Pons, this is a stylishly designed chair that is perfect for use at home or in offices. The chair itself rests on a thinly designed metal structure with a stylish set of legs, that are curved and meet in the center to provide a careful balance. The seat itself is made out of plywood, while the legs are created from chromed steel. This chair is available in two different kinds of upholstery; the thin upholstery is a slightly cheaper version while the Brick upholstery comes at a slight increase in the price.
We is designed for maximum comfort. The chair maintains its balance due to its curved legs, while the back is slightly flexible to allow for a bit of movement. There's a curve in the middle too, which allows you to seamlessly sit in to the chair and fill the space. The chair is available in five different kinds of fabric colors to choose from. Perfect for use as a stylish dining chair, or as a study table companion, WE is a great option for those who want a chair that is not only easy to move, but easy to maintain as well.

Francesc Pons