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You like football, we get it. And that is why we want to give you a complete football themed furniture set. The Wall Champions coat hanger is perhaps one of the most unique products in our collection. This is a wall hanged, designed as a conventional foosball shaft, complete with players attached that serve as the 'hooks' for hanging your coats. Consider it a decorative item or a useful one, the Wall Champions 4 coat hanger is a stylishly designed piece that looks stunning on your wall. It comes complete with players that have been carefully detailed; each layer wears a blue football jersey and white shorts, complete with football socks and shoes.
The Wall Champions 4 has a bar with 4 players attached, and the foosball grip is also on show. Because the Wall Champions 4 is supplied in a proper packaging, it serves as a perfect present for your football oriented friend. There's a choice of gender available as well; you can choose between male team members as well as female team members. Made from fine quality materials, this coat hanger is likely to be the most unique piece of furniture to be present in your house!

Rafael Rodríguez