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The smaller counter part of the Wall Champions 4, this one comes with a single football figure attached to a wall hook on either side that can be nailed in to your wall easily. The Wall Champions 1 is an elegantly designed figure, wearing football shoes and socks as well as a red and blue jersey and blue shorts. Fine attention to detail has been paid in every regard in order to ensure that the football player looks as good as possible.
Designed by Rafael Rodriguez, this beautifully designed figure is a great addition to your wall and will serve as a perfect hanger for your coats or shits. The head becomes the coat hook. The precision of the design, as well as the intricacy with which it is done makes the Wall Champions 1 a great choice in all regards. You can purchase several and place them individually apart from each other, creating a beautiful effect of a small football team. Gender options are also available, you can choose from a male football player or a female player too. The Wall Champions 1 is supplied in proper packaging, which makes it a great present for anybody.

Rafael Rodríguez