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Ergonomic, easy to manage and spacious, the new version of the TRIA Pack is a great choice for people who want a space efficient and easy to manage wall shelf. The TRIA Pack is available to customers in four different colors: grey, white, red and pistachio, hence ensuring a proper contrast with a wide range of colors. The TRIA Pack is a great addition to a kitchen, allowing you to place important stuff in an easy to reach shelf. The TRIA Pack is highly versatile, and can seamlessly slot in to the furnishing in your home office, kitchen or even your bedroom or lounge.

Designed by JM Massana and JM Tremoleda, the TRIA Pack has three racks. It comes with side support as well as wall screws for the wall pack, while a floor pack is also available. The TRIA Floor Pack comes with four spacious racks, and is a perfect fit for kitchens or for other purposes. From food to books to dinner plates and a host of other items, everything can be placed on the TRIA pack. The reinforced shelves are designed to hold maximum weight, and the simple design of the TRIA pack makes it a great purchase.

JM Massana / JM Tremoleda