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Created by Josep Torres Clavé, the famous architect, this beautifully designed armchair of his name was first introduced back in 1934, and since then has become one of the staples of home furniture. His inspiration hailed from the traditional chair models that were used in Ibiza, Spain, also known as cadirats. At one time, these chairs were used in the Pavillion of the Spanish Republic, back in 1937, at the International Exposition that was held in Paris. Alongside this prestigious armchair were other works of art from renowned artists such as Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miró. The simplicity of this chair, coupled with the intricacy of its fabric make it one of the finest examples of contemporary furniture art.

The Torres Clavé arm chair is perhaps the perfect seating companion for reception areas, burger joints, hotel lobbies as well as waiting rooms. The Torres Clavé certainly adds a bit of class to the surroundings. With light colored laminated wood and a sturdy, connected frame, the Torres Clavé is perfect for just relaxing around. For over seventy years, this uniquely designed chair has become one of the most important symbols of stylish, yet simple furniture that represents peace and comfort.

Josep Torres Clavé