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One of the most conventional and stylish designs available in our collection, the Tanka is unique in more ways than one. This beautiful little chair was designed by Carlos Tíscar for Concepta. The word Tanka means simplicity and brevity in the Japanese language, and the design of the chair. This stylish seat is a work of art no matter how you look at it. From the subtly designed legs to the curved back support that embraces you as you seat yourself on this majestic chair. The seat is made from painted plywood, and provides a firm, comfortable platform for you to sit on.

The Tanka chair is made from the finest quality of beech wood, and is available in a number of different shades. An option of oak wood is also available. The Tanka chair's back looks very stylish, yet is highly functional. The curved back provides adequate support while seated, and provides comfort as it embraces your body. The rear legs of the chair are placed at a slight angle in order to maintain a strong grip and provide stability while seated. The plywood platform is placed on a simplistic base, in order to ensure a proper division of weight.

Carlos Tíscar