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Simplicity never looked so beautiful; the Surprise! Chair puts a major twist on a very simple chair design inspired by traditional school house chairs by just adding an oversized cushion. Available in five different wood finishes, the Surprise! Chair is a class apart from other common chairs. Use it as a companion for your dining table or place them outside in your terrace or verandah, and they are going to look equally as good. The oversized cushion is extremely comfortable to sit on, and is available in five different fabric materials. The designer behind this unique, yet simple piece of furniture is Gaspar González, one of the most prominent designers in the industry. The Surprise Chair is created from natural beech wood, which makes it quite robust without adding on a lot of weight.

The curved back support of the chair has been ingeniously designed in order to make sure that it provides you with maximum comfort even after long hours of seating. The Surprise! Chair's variety of different colors and options allow you to mix and match and expand upon your creativity in order to create the perfect piece of furniture for your home! Add a bit of style to your dining table with this beautifully crafted chair!

Gaspar González