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Looking for that comfortable armchair that helps you think in peace and allows you to relax? Well, the Surprise! Armchair might be just the thing for you! Created by designer Gaspas Gonzelez, this arm chair puts a fun twist to an ordinary chair. The inspiration comes from traditional school house chairs, and the difference lies in the seating; the chair comes with an oversized cushion, as well as an arched back support that easily provides support for your whole back. The frame looks playful, and is available in several options. Available in five different cushion fabrics, the Surprise arm chair provides owners with the freedom to create it how they see fit. The frame is built on natural beech wood, making it robust, yet lightweight. Five options are also available for the wood finish as well.

The Surprise arm chair is originally available in a contrast of a black frame along with a blue cushion, which makes it look extremely beautiful and allows it to match with any surrounding. Put this beautiful chair in your lounge or in your drawing room, and it is sure to catch the attention of any viewer. Perfect for reading or just relaxing at the end of a tiring day!

Gaspar González