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The perfect tribute to the setting sun, this handsomely designed bookshelf is created in a gradient of different colors the inspiration for which comes from the setting sun. The tones and the lights darken in a gradual manner, while the telescopic design of the shelves makes them extremely different and unique from other, conventional shelves. For instance, the shelves allow free, horizontal movement from left to right while fitted within their brackets. This allows the viewer to change the balance of the colors. The Sunset shelves extend beyond their frame from either side, creating a beautiful outlook and also providing you with more space.

The Sunset shelf is created from robust steel, and is covered in polyester paint with a very smooth finish. The wooden frame of the shelf however is created from the finest quality of Finnish Beech wood, providing a very robust feel. The Sunset shelf is a full sized shelf, and can be used to place books or various other items. You can change the balances to make the racks protrude from just one side, or you can alter them to create a different look from both sides, efficiently saving space. Perfect for offices and houses!


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