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Maybe it's the innate design of the overall sofa, or maybe it's the combination of a luxurious seat built on a very slender steel structure, but there's definitely something about the Spongy that catches the eye, and the heart. The back and sides of this plush sofa seem to hug you and wrap you in its warmth and comfort as you seat yourself, and if you go for the optional footrest, you can easily relax your feet as well. The Spongy is designed to give you maximum relaxation. Rest your back against the plush sofa, pull up your head and relax. The slender steel frame and the feet provide you with the ease to move about the sofa wherever you want. Be it the living room, the lounge or your office, the Spongy Sofa adds to the look of the room. Available in a black and white contrast, the sofa matches with all other colors of furniture. With the very best fabric used in the making of the upholstery, the Spongy is certainly value for money.

Designed by Stone Designs, the Spongy Sofa can prove to be the highlight of your living room. This beautifully designed 2 seater sofa is available standalone or with a footrest.


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