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Ever come home and dream of a relaxing, comfortable armchair on which you can rest your arms and feet? You are looking for a chair that is not only comfortable, but one that will take you in to a new world altogether. Well, Spongy is what you need. A minimalistic design, coupled with a unique color contrast as well as a very stylish outlook make Spongy one of the finest armchairs that you ever lay on. The back and the arms are ready to embrace you. The chair comes with a reclining back, and a separate footstand (optional) to rest your feet.

The feet of the chair are made of steel and take up very little space, allowing you to clean up underneath with minimal effort. Dust tends to accumulate underneath sofas and armchairs that have very little space underneath them for cleaning purposes, but you don't have to worry about all that with Spongy. This is a perfect fit for either your office needs or your requirements at home. Lay down in this comfortable chair, recline your back, close your eyes and drift away in to a world of peace and tranquility. The Spongy armchair is designed by Stone Designs.


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