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SIN Table Lamp

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The original design of the Sin Hanging Lamp has now been replicated and placed upon a table level platform, which results in the creation of the SIN Table Lamp. This is the new lamp designed for Santa and Cole, and creates the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Whatever way you look at it, the SIN table lamp looks absolutely stunning, and has all the characteristics of a true classic. This is basically a circle of light, available in two different sizes; the small sized table lamp has a height of 36 cm, while the larger sized one has a height of 58 cm. The SIN Table lamp comes with a dimmer that can be used to adjust the flow of light from the lamp. The structure of the lamp is available in two options; there's a white metal structure and a graphite colored metal structure, both of which are available in a matte finish. The SIN table lamp also comes with a white engineering plastic lampshade that spreads the light and illuminates the surroundings in stunning fashion. The SIN Table lamp is designed by Antoni Arola and is one of the finest examples of modern classical lamps.


S&C white or graphite metal structure with matte finish.
Includes white engineering plastic lampshade.
Dimmer included.

Antoni Arola