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SIN Hanging Lamp

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Imagine a circle of light hanging from your ceiling, illuminating everything in its warm, white glow. Throughout history, hanging lamps have held a very graceful position. Now, it's time to meet the new generation of hanging lamps introduced by Santa and Cole, and the very first offering is the SIN Hanging Lamp. One of the most classic designs available, the SIN hanging lamp adds a touch of class to a traditional, proven design. The Sin hanging lamp is available in two different sizes; small and large. The small one has a diameter of 25 cm while the larger one has a diameter of 48 cm. The light flow in this stylish lamp can be adjusted accordingly. The hanging lamp comes with a dimmer that can be used to set the light flow according to the situation. The hanging lamp has a Santa and Cole white or graphite metal structure that has a matte finish. A white engineering plastic lampshade is also included with the purchase. The minimalistic design, unique outlook and the subtle design cues all combine together to create a visual masterpiece that looks absolutely stunning hanging from the top. The SIN Hanging Lamp is a new milestone in classic design.


S&C white or graphite metal structure with matte finish.
Includes white engineering plastic lampshade.
Dimmer included.

Antoni Arola