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Designed by prominent furniture designer James Hayon, the ShowTime Mirror is a set of 8 different mirrors, which can be either placed together or used separately. Each of the mirrors have been intricately designed in order to combine with each other to create a beautiful outlook. Or, you can use each of them individually. The back of the mirror is lacquered in matte black, creating a distinct design. The ShowTime Mirror is a great addition for your dressing table, or for just hanging on any wall in your house.

The Show Time Mirror is extremely versatile, and features a distinct design that looks very different and unique as compared to conventional mirrors. Designed by James Hayon, the Show Time multi mirror is a unique addition to any home. When combined together, a black outline is created between the different shapes and sizes, creating a very unique outlook. For the surrealist artist or the one with a creative mind, the ShowTIme Mirror is a great option for those who want to differentiate the furniture in their homes and create a unique identity. The Show Time Mirror differs from conventional mirrors in more ways than one, and is bound to impress onlookers.


Jaime Hayon