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The minimalistic design of the SAKE pouffes provides a distinct touch to whichever room they are kept. The SAKE pouffe is designed to provide comfort, without taking up a lot of space. You can either rest your feet on it, or you can sit on it, as there's ample space at the top. The unique design makes use of a cushion placed on top with two elastic straps covering the sides. There's a rigid base at the bottom that provides maximum resistance against unnecessary movement and also provides stability to the pouffe. Available in two different sizes, the pouf large and the pouf small, the SAKE cozy pouffes can be the perfect complement for your living room or lounge furniture.

These cushions are available in a gray color, with red elastic bands running on the sides. The base has been colored white, providing a unique contrast to the color patterns. Moreover, the unique color combination also ensures that the pouffes go well with other furniture. The frame of the SAKE pouffes is designed with the best quality materials in order to provide a robust finish, with very little weight, which ensures feasibility of movement and ease of use. They are designed by Stone Designs.


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