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The Sake collection of furniture has long had its admirers, and Stone Designs has created some of the finest pieces of furniture available in the market. The SAKE set of tables are designed in a very stylish manner, looking stunning in all respects. Featuring a combination of red and light wood color, these tables are great for any house. Available in two different sizes; the large one is 120 cm while the smaller one is 100 cm. However, compared to conventional coffee tables, the SAKE tables are very different. These tables stand out for the contrast in the colors, as well as the uniquely designed stands.

The Sake tables feature a laminated wooden top and rounded edges. The combination of colors makes these tables extremely stylish. The unique design of the tables allows for two different sized tables to combine in to a single space, making it extremely space efficient. The modern design and style of the SAKE tables makes them a perfect addition to any home. Perfect for placing in your lounge or living room, the SAKE tables are definitely going to breathe in new life to a house full of olden furniture or add in much needed innovation to a modern household!


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