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Meet the RS # 3 foosball table made out of wood, the very first of its kind. This is a stunning foosball table with attention paid to the minutest of details. The wood used in the RS # 3 is iroko, a strong and highly durable wood that is great for use out doors or indoors. The RS football team is on full display on this majestic pitch, and looks absolutely beautiful from every angle. There are a lot of similarities between the RS # 3 Wood and the original RS # 3, such as the fact that both of these foosball tables share the same football field as well as a similar body. However, the legs of the RS # 3 Wood are made out of elegant wood material, that looks lovely on display. The RS # 3 is also available in an inox version, made out of pure stainless steel. Another variant, available in white, that is steel which has been coated with a cataphoresis process, is also available. Every different version of the RS # 3 is available with its own 'home' team. The RS football tables are designed by renowned furniture designer Rafael Rodriguez.

Rafael Rodríguez