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Imagine a foosball table that is not as bulky, not as difficult to move around and still the same fun to play. Difficult, right? Not anymore. Meet the new RS # 3, a streamlined, refined and more practical version of the RS # 2. The RS # 3 removes all of the fanciful legs and design cues of its counterpart to provide a refined playing experience and adds a number of new features. The first thing you'll notice about this beautiful foosball table is that it is extremely versatile; use it indoors or outdoors, and it doesn't get damaged at all. The new legs installed beneath the table make it up to 20 kilos less than its counterpart, without compromising upon the stability or the strength of the table. A number of new colors have been introduced to the RS 3 range, such as red, yellow white and blue. The handles and the legs however, are always in white. Each color comes with its own standard team. Only the highest quality materials have been used in the creation of this table, such as weather resistant steel with a cataphoresis coating process. The price has also been reduced.

Rafael Rodrígue