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The RS # 2 redefines the old cultural classics and adds a bit of modernity to the equation. This is a stylishly designed foosball table, but even though the premise is the same, everything else has changed completely from the past. Meet the new age of foosball. This stylish foosball table is made from stainless steel with a polyester finish which ensures a long lasting life span, and a very sturdy table. The stainless steel is also weather resistant, hence ensuring that only the highest quality materials have been used in this table. However, the fun part lies in the details of this majestic table. There are cup holders and ash trays installed in the table to allow for a fun game of foosball without having to move about here and there.

Personalization and customization have been taken to an all new level; you can now completely alter the layout of the players or change the colors of each team. And now, you have a choice between playing with a team of boys or go for Ella, the very first female football player on the pitch! The rubber soles at the bottom maintain balance and ensure the ball rolls freely on the table.

Rafael Rodríguez