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RIGA waste-bin

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The RIGA waste bins are created for those who want a touch of uniqueness in everything they own and use. Created from stainless steel, along with a steel lid that has been painted in silver (other colors are also available), the RIGA waste bin is a perfect addition to any room in your house. There's a spacious opening at the top only, allowing you to put in wast quite easily. The RIGA waste bin also has a plastic ABS base which ensures that the waste inside does not cause damage to the bottom. The glossy steel finish of this waste bin makes it quite pleasing to look at, and the minimalistic design makes it resemble a small, vertically designed box.

The RIGA waste bin provides an option of several colors to use as a lid, which makes it look quite distinctive. The base is ready for being fixed on the floor, or forb eing held together with union holders in order to create a set. The RIGA waste bin is one of the items from the RIGA collection of furniture that has been created by JM Massana/ JM Tremoleda and is available in sets of four as well as on an individual basis.


M Massana / JM Tremoleda