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A good umbrella stand will make your trips extremely convenient and easy. Most of us travel with an umbrella, worried about unexpected weather changes. The RIGA acknowledges that, and can be regarded as the perfect home for your umbrellas. A slender, square shaped box that extends upwards from the ground, the Riga is made from stainless steel, and provides you with plenty of space to store your umbrellas. There's a thin lien that divides this umbrella stand in to two different compartments from the top. The base is made from ABS plastic, in order to ensure that the constant dripping from the umbrella does not damage the bottom.

The RIGA is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a minimalistic design of an umbrella stand that is not very space consuming and tends to look good as well. The minimalistic design of the RIGA allows it to be placed anywhere without causing any bells or rings. The RIGA collection is available as ashtray bins too. The silver and black combination from the inside paint a highly modernized picture of the conventional umbrella stand, and adds a touch of uniqueness to your home.

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