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Designed to be extremely ergonomic and easy to hold, these set of ice tongs are going to seamlessly slot in to your hands and act as a perfect replacement for your thumb and index finger. Use these multi colored ice tongs with a range of different dinner sets and designs, and create stunning contrasts on your dining table. These set of ice tongs are sure to add a touch of class and unique style to your dining table. Created by Andre Ricard in 1964, the unique and stylish design of these unique ice tongs makes them extremely eye catching. Combining the basics with an ingenious system that makes it significantly better to hold and use in the hand.

There's a unique line running through the center of the tongs, which creates a very stylish outlook. More importantly, the Ricard 1964 tongs are made from a robust material, that maintains the shape of the tongs for as long as you use them. The Ricard 1964 set of tongs are available in a pair of four different tongs, each with its own, unique color. These set of tongs are perfect companions with your dinner sets, and look beautiful in the hand.


André Ricard