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Ramon doesn't like to take up too much space. He likes to keep himself to a small amount of space, and he tries to keep his friends close to him. Ramon has carefully sculpted white legs, and is equally proficient outdoors as well as indoors. This is a minimalistic, stylish design adopted to create a chair that works equally wheel in any environment. A white metal frame creates the outer border of the chair, with the option of a natural or a wicker seat backrest and back rest. The chair absolutely flat at the bottom, while there's a gentle curve at the top that has been carefully designed to provide proper ergonomics in order to provide maximum support to the back and to provide protection for your kidneys, allowing you to easily sit back and relax for long hours without having to bother about getting up due to being uncomfortable. The metallic structure of the chair on the underside is shaped in the form of an X, which not only provides visual cues but also absorbs and cushions the weight of the person whose seated on the chair. Ramon can be easily stacked on top of one another, efficiently saving space.

White metallic structure.
Seat and backrest made of hand woven synthetic rattan.
For indoor and outdoor.

Ramón Bigas