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Personal Data Protection

  1. Pursuant to the Act dated August 29, 1997 on personal data protection (uniform text Journal of Laws no. 101 from 2002, item 926,  as amended), the Seller declares that the Buyers' personal data is stored in data files at Link Design Sp. z o.o. based in Poznań, ul. Stablewskiego 47/4, 60-213 Poznań, which at the same time is the administrator of the Buyer's personal data.
  2. Personal data is collected only for the Seller's purpose and is processed in order to implement the company's statutory activities, to conduct promotional and advertising campaigns, observing the requirements of data protection specified in regulations on personal data protection and marketing activities.
  3. The Buyer, prior to placing the Order, is obliged to consent to processing his personal data, as specified in the Order form, in order for the Seller to complete the Order. The Buyer therefore expresses his consent for his personal data to be transferred to the Seller's partners or subcontractors, solely for the purpose of completing the Order.
  4. In addition, the Buyer may express his consent, by selecting an additional field in the Order form with a cursor, for the personal data submitted by the Buyer to be processed for the Seller's marketing purposes, especially in order to notify the Buyer about new products and special offers.
  5. The Buyer has the right to inspect his data, correct it, demand to cease data processing and has the right to remove his data, which should be reported to the Seller.


The Buyer is entitled to receive a free-of-charge Newsletter - of an informational nature run by the Seller.

  1. The Buyer may sign up to for the Newsletter when placing the Order, by marking:

"I give my consent for information about new products and special offers in the store to be sent to the specified e-mail address."

  1. The condition for receiving the Newsletter is the Buyer's voluntary consent with specification of an e-mail address, for which the Newsletter is to be sent and by expressing consent for his personal data to be processed in this respect.
  2. The Buyer may at any time cancel the Newsletter using one of the following methods:
    1. sending a request for being removed from the Newsletter list to, or
    2. selecting the Newsletter resignation option in any received Newsletter marking a relevant automatic link to the Seller's website.


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