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Functionality, utility and simplicity. These are the three words that can be used to personify the Platea umbrella stand. Unlike conventional umbrella stands, this stylish stand features a very different design. A metallic frame embodies a simplistic, black, round bottom. There are three metallic feet on which the stand balances. The raised edges of the base makes the Platea a highly functional piece of furniture as it allows your umbrella to dry in the pan. Once the water has accumulated, the pain can be easily cleaned out. The Platea also has a significant amount of space, which makes it easy to store several umbrellas inside without much of a hassle. The chrome, metallic frame of the Platea makes it one of the highlights in your living room or your lounge.

The circular railing that goes around the Platea makes it very easy for users to place smaller sized umbrellas as well as the longest length umbrellas available. It is easy to manage, and the lightweight metallic frame means that you can place it anywhere in your house without much trouble. The Platea umbrella stand is a great addition to your house, and adds a minimalistic touch of class to the surroundings.

JM Massana / JM Tremoleda