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Lamps never looked this good. Inspired by the Japanese are of Origami, this a stunning lamp that combines an extremely efficient design with a highly functional stand. Created from a single sheet of aluminum, the Origami is folded to create distinctive geometric shapes. The bulb is located right at the top, encased in a white dome and a triangular shape made from the aluminum body, resulting in a very original and distinctive design. From the first look, the Origami looks extremely delicate and lightweight, similar to a piece of paper that has been folded several times over. However, the use of aluminum in the creation of the stand makes the Origami quite robust. The light weight material that is used in the construction of this beautiful lamp makes it quite easy to move around.

However, the lamp has been designed to replicate the fragile nature of paper, and even a very gentle nudge is going to gently shake the stand. However, you need not worry. The base of the Origami lamp is firm and reinforced in order to ensure that the Origami lamp stand holds its own against all external forces. The aluminum is covered with a smooth finish polyester paint.


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