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Stick to the basics, they say. Stick to the basics and you'll do a lot better than a lot others. This is OM, one of the most basic designs made elegant with a combination of colors and choice of high quality materials. OM Basic is simply a single block of polyurethane that is sculpted in the shape of a comfortable arm chair. Designed by Martin Azua, the OM Basic arm chair is available in several different colors such as grey, white, red and pistachio. The option of choosing OM textile for home, indoor use is also available. OM is perfect for office environments, and the color options available make it a highly versatile choice in offices that follow different themes.

OM can also be used in waiting areas, lounges, halls as well as receptions. The versatily of this chair can be further be highlighted from the fact that the OM can be used quite conveniently in restaurants, bars and coffee shops as well. The ease of use and the light weight movement of this chair makes it a perfect addition to any seating area. This is pragmatism at its best, and the OM provides a perfect option for use anywhere.

Martin Azúa