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The Nuta line is designed by Lluis Pau and consists of a collection of different stools that can be used in a host of different environments. Be it an office, a restaurant, a coffee shop or a casual bar, the Nuta will complement the surroundings perfectly and also provide you with a very relaxed seat. A first look at the Nuta reveals several details; the theme of this stool is class and simplicity, but it does not compromise upon its sturdiness and robust exterior. There are four metallic legs emanating from the center of the seat and extending in different directions, ultimately forming the legs of the stool. A metallic ring connects all four of the legs together. The metallic structure at the bottom of the stool is covered in chrome and provides a distinct shine.
The stool itself is available in several heights; high, medium and low. The high extends up till 75 cm, while the medium and low are 60cm and 45 cm respectively. The seat version also comes with a choice; there's a polyurethane grey, stainless matte and a wooden beech. Depending upon the place where you wish to keep this stool, you can choose the colors accordingly.

Lluís Pau