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A modern living room benefits greatly from the modern lighting ideas, placed in a convenient and useful place. Different types of lighting are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors in our collection. Tips for decorating with lamps can help you choose just the type of lighting you need and we can provide you with varied and contemporary selections.

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There are three main types of modern lighting design. Ambient lighting is the first to consider when choosing lighting for a room. Ambient light is the comfortable level of light in a room. Our collection features chandeliers, sconces and pendant lamps to produce the ambient light in your room. The second kind of lighting we will consider is task lighting. Just as it sounds, task lighting provides a direct bright light that allows you to perform a task. You might need this kind of lighting for reading, working on a hobby with small parts, or applying makeup. Do not underestimate the importance of providing task lighting every place you want to do close-up work. Task lights may be table lamps, freestanding lamps, or pendant lights. The intensity of light you usually need in a particular location will help you choose from our stylish contemporary collection of lighting. The third type of affordable modern lighting, accent lighting, will cover areas of the room where ambient lighting won’t reach. Of course, the name accent lighting, also tells us that special collections, decorations, books, and other treasured pieces will be in the spotlight to draw attention to their preciousness and uniqueness. Wall sconces are in this category and are often used to accent artwork such as a painting on the wall and can be hung individually or in pairs.


There are many well- known and respected home decorating magazines available which often feature articles on decorating with modern ceiling lamps. Even thumbing through the magazine one can see how lamps and lighting are placed in the well-designed rooms. Most of those publications also have a site on the internet, sometimes with more information than the printed version. The internet is an endless resource for information about the different kinds of lighting, the use of lighting in decorating, and examples again of what you might create using the collection of our items in your home. Sites such as Pinterest allow you to see the favorite ideas of others in choosing modern table lamps for certain purposes and in interesting styles. You may also use a search engine such as Google entering “decorating with lighting,” or a related phrase and find more ideas.


Often the concept of using multiple lamps together is not considered. Tall, slim floor lamps especially are more dramatic and intensify the type you are looking for. Our collection features bright colored lamps that not only give light, but also brighten and highlight that lighting style. Pendant lights too maybe be used in groups which is especially useful for lighting a long narrow space such as a long dining table. Coordinating the beautiful and stylish table lamps, pendant lamps, and the rest of our collection will accent the rest of your contemporary lamps that are stylish for the modern living room set. Read the product descriptions in our catalogue along with the decorating solutions from many sources and you will find yourself wanting to replace your current lightning with style and boldness by purchasing you lighting choices from our collection.