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MIRAC wall coathanger

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Hanging your clothes here and there can be a problem. Pointed edges can tear in to the clothing, cause them to go out of shape. Not anymore. Enter the MIRAC Wall Coat Hanger. Designed for those who like simplicity, class and utility, the MIRAC wall coat hanger comes in three different options; the multiple silver, the 35mm wall bracket and the much longer 60 mm wall bracket. The MIRAC wall coat hanger has 5 brass chrome hooks that will protect the clocking from getting damaged, and gets a better grip when you hang your clothes. There's another option of getting individual wall hooks made of chrome brass. The minimalistic design, shiny chrome and the unique design makes the MIRAC wall coat hanger a must buy.

The individual coat hangers are available in sets of five, and can be placed in different rooms, or you can use your imagination in order to create a unique pattern on the walls! Place them in a horizontal fashion or create a triangle, it's totally up to you! The metallic outlook makes these wall coat hangers perfectly compatible with a number of different colored. The MIRAC Wall coat hanger is designed by JM Massana.

JM Massana / JM Tremoleda