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The Surprise! Armchair line is one of the most popular pieces of furniture produced by Gaspar Gonzalez. This is a basic arm chair that takes its inspiration from standard schoolhouse chairs, combining visual cues from standard school house chairs while making use of modern designs in order to create a playful little chair that is perfect to add a bit of informal attitude to this otherwise simplistic chair. The concept is pretty simple: the mini surprise is pretty low to the ground, and features a curved back panel for support. Created out of natural beech wood, the frame might look frail but is actually quite tough. Similar to the actual Surprise line of chairs, the mini Surprise also comes with an oversized cushion that provides a very relaxing seating. There's a choice of several colors available when it comes to the upholstery. The back of the chair has been designed carefully in order to provide proper support for the back, and the curved sides provide ample protection to your kidneys, allowing you to sit in comfort for long periods of time. This is a great chair to have in your home while it can also be used in offices to allow a break from conventional seating!

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