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It is said that nothing catches the eye like a simple, yet classy piece of furniture, and in most cases, truer words have never been spoken. Meet Mikado, a simplistic chair that serves a highly functional purpose. Use it with your dining tables, or place it around your coffee table, and it still does the job equally as well. The beautifully designed square shaped legs provide a firm grip on the ground and makes sure that the chair does not sway. Finished in lacquered wood, the Mikado is available in our company standard 5 different wood finishes. The back support of the Mikado includes vertical lines in order to ensure maximum grip. There's a slight curve in the back of the chair that adds a touch of uniqueness and class.

Originally available in a combination of black wood finish and a thin blue cushion, the Mikado really knows how to take center stage without looking too brazen. The thin cushion placed on the seat adds a touch of comfort to a beautiful design. The uniqueness lies in the style in which the vertical lines extend from the back of the chair. The Mikado is a line of chairs created by Esteban Moreno.

Esteban Moreno