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MIKADO Armchair

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The Mikado series has been designed by Esteban Moreno and was created to exude class and simplicity while still maintain comfort. The Mikado armchair is from the same line as the Mikado chair, with the only difference being in the arm rests. Whereas the Mikado chair came with no arm rests, this one does. The arm rests are created in a beautiful manner, with a pointed turn from the back support and a sloping arm rest. The legs of the chair are basically an extended version of the frame only, which ensures maximum stability while seated.

The Mikado armchair is made from lacquered wood and is available in five different finishes. There is a thin cushion used on the seat as well. The back support has been slightly curved in order to ensure that the back can relax easily with minimal hassle. The Mikado arm chair is a great choice for use at homes, and goes well with coffee tables. It can also be placed in waiting areas, office lobbies and reception areas. The simplicity of the design and the ingenious look combines to result in a beautiful chair that is very comfortable to sit on.

Esteban Moreno