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Borne out of Finnish roots, this stylishly designed lamp looks like the light that filters through the blinds in the early morning. The Maija series of lamps consists of a very Nordic touch to illumination, by adding a subtle touch to the overall design. The lamp shade is created in the form of a waterfall design, and looks quite majestic when hung from the ceiling. The lampshades are created from white metal, and the whole structure of this stylish lamp is quite durable and sturdy, despite the looks being quite delicate. The Maija ceiling lamp resembles very much the hive of Maya the Bee. The body is draped in an opaque shade, with superimposed plates acting as small fragments that allows the inner light to filter through lamp shades. The ceiling plate is composed of white metal and is circular in shape, similar in shape and size to the actual lamp. The Maija lamp shade is a perfect fit in office environments as well as homes, restaurants and coffee shops. Hang it over your dining table, or use it in your dining room! The Maija is created by one of the best Finnish designers at present, and takes a very pragmatic view to indoor lighting


White metal lampshades.
White metallic circular ceiling plate.

Ilmari Tapiovaara