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Inspired by the curvy shape of the shoulders of a woman, the M68 is a stunning tribute to the female body. This lamp is designed to be hung over dining tables, or can also be used as a ceiling lamp. Made from a large, carefully shaped aluminum shade that is painted in white, the M68 takes minimalist beauty to a whole new level. The cable runs right through the center of the lamp shade and there's a tiny metal cylinder that marks the starting point from where steel wire ends and the shade begins. The lamp comes fitted with circular ceiling plate which is used to support the hanging lamp. The cable length extends up to 3 meters. Designed by Miguel Mila, the M 68 is a timeless classic that has been around for quite a while. The grace, class and style portrayed by this beautiful, yet such a simple design is enough to capture the attention of any person basking in its warm glow. The M68 is available in three different shades; the White Mate Aluminum, the Polished Aluminum and the Brilliant Red Aluminum. The M68 in red looks absolutely stunning, with a golden outline, while other colors look equally as good.


Includes Circular ceiling plate.
Electric cable length: 3 m / 117".
Includes Compact fluorescent: 20 W E27.

Miguel Milá