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Meet the practical arm chair. La Nuit is comfortable, easy to use and most of all, practical. Often times, when we are sitting on our garden chairs, we long for the comfort of the arm chair placed inside the house. But, it's just too much of a hassle to drag the bulky arm chair outside. All that is set to change with the La Nuit, the conventional, highly functional arm chair. La Nuit is created with a desire to bring functionality to an existing design. Available in a multitude of different colors; red, white dark grey and pistachio green, this stylishly designed polyethylene arm chair is a great choice for in door and outdoor usage. It also looks elegant in official environments, and provides a very relaxing feel. The La Nuit is designed by Serra y De La Rocha, one of the most prominent team designers of furniture in Spain. The light weight design and uniform structure of the La Nuit allows you to move it about without much of an effort. Place it in the gardens to take in the sinking sun or the beautiful greenery around you, or place it inside for relaxation after a tiring day outside.


Serra y de la Rocha