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A joint venture is usually undertaken by two or more parties. This is a joint venture undertaken by Mr. Tube and Mr. Shelf, both of which combine to create a slew of different possibilities. This is a shelf that can be whatever you want it to be; make it as complex as you want, or keep it as simple as possible. There are four different possibilities of connecting the shelves, and the tubes are joined together in order to create distinct borders and patterns which can be replicated throughout the bookshelf or combined to create one large design. The sheer thinness of the shelves is such that they are likely to look virtually invisible unless you look carefully, hence creating the illusion that your books are suspended in thin air. The real fun begins when you create complex arrangements, which when seen from afar, look as if the books are suspended in thin air in almost impossible variations. The shelves are pressure fixed to the tubes and a system of slits and flaps is used in order to create a strong connection. Joint Venture is very stylish, and the intricate design of the shelf makes it look absolutely gorgeous in any surrounding.


Steel tube and sheet painted with polyester paint.


Matt Gagnon