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You are an efficient worker. You like objects that fulfill their purpose, without taking too much space. You want simplicity, yet you do not want to go out of style. You are constantly moving in and out of your house, and you hate fumbling with the coats on your stand. You like a formal touch of class in all of your furniture. Keeping all these in mind, the Hulot coat stand was designed for those who want a space saving, yet easy to manage coat stand. Available in a number of different colors, such as White, Grey and Red, the Hulot coat stand is a perfect choice for people who are out going and want a coat stand that can easily manage their clothing.

Suitable for use in offices, reception areas or homes, the Hulot coat stand highlights in presence in any surrounding with an air of confidence; it combines confidence with class and structure, creating a very unique and distinct outlook that sets it apart from all others. There are hooks protruding from the top of the coat stand, and they are spaced conveniently apart in order to prevent accidentall falling of clothes from the stand.


Joan Gaspar