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The inspiration for this uniquely designed seating chair came from the actual street food by the same name. Covered in brown upholstery made of the finest fabric, this informal sofa adds a bit of funk to your otherwise formally designed living room. There's a sanitized stainless steel back support to allow you to relax on the sofa, while the comfortable cushion relax your body. The sheer simplicity and design makes it eye catching. The versatile allows people of all sizes to take a seat and relax on the sofa. Up to a maximum of two people can seat themselves on this sofa. Essentially, the Hot Dog is basically the big brother of its one seat sibling, the Burger. .


The Hot Dog also has a rigid base to go along with, which ensures that it doesn't lose its cushion shape, and remains firm. The cushions are of the highest quality, and will provide you with a comfortable seating experience. The Hot Dog was created by Stone Designs, one of the pioneers in furniture designs. Perhaps the ease with which the Hot Dog slips in to any kind of room is one of the main reasons why it is such a preferred option.


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