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The items in our modern home décor accessories collection feature sharp lines and bright colors. Glass is important in decorative accessories for living room and our mirrors and other decorative elements such as vases. Your living room set is beautiful, and your lighting chosen carefully, but it is the accent décor that makes the room truly your own, showcasing special things you want to share with family and friends.

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Mirrors are one of the most versatile items you can have to use for a wide variety of purposes and in different rooms. Mirrors can give depth and light to a room in so many ways. Placing mirrors requires planning since a mirror is often featured like a work of art and its location and size must be taken into consideration. Like windows mirrors let in the light by reflecting sunlight or room lighting back into the room. A decorative chandelier is the best home décor ideas for living room that lights the room twice, doubling its beauty when the mirror is place in the position to reflect it. Putting the mirror above a cabinet or shelves can provide accent lighting without the use of an additional light sources. Put candles on a shelf directly under a mirror and see the warm flickering light fill the room instead of only burning in one spot. Small rooms and spaces are difficult to decorate, but, carefully placed, a mirror can double the size of the smallest room. If a room is dim though some sun shines through a window, place the mirror directly across from that natural light source and see the beautiful difference. Like many other decorative elements, mirrors can be grouped, not only for the interesting shapes that can be created, but also for accenting other furniture or cheap home accessories in the room. No windows at all in a small room, perhaps in an apartment? Then hang a mirror on the wall where you wish a window would be, and hang curtains around it. Result? It opens the room up and when placed where it will reflect lighting and decorative accessories the room will become warm and welcoming.


The vases and glass home decoration items in our collection can change a room from dull and subdued to a space with sparkling areas of color. Place vases filled with multi-colored flowers and attractive plants in the center of your dining table or on occasional tables for splashes of colors that can complement or contrast with the colors of your furniture. Vases are well-displayed on wall shelves and can stand alone or in groups for the maximum impact. Or mix and match the vases and colored glass with other treasures of a too attract attention to special items.


Let our home accessories list express your good taste and your flair for style. These are not the same items you see other places that all seem to be alike and without interest. These items for your décor stand out from the usual shapes and colors, but complement each other whether they are used in a group or they are not. Make an arrangement of items with nature inspired colors and materials, or delicate colorful glass or use the arrangement side by side to emphasize their contrasts. You will always enjoy having placed these exclusive shabby chic home accessories in your décor.