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Here is your chance to own one of the most unique types of furniture. Guerrilla is a simple box and drawer with a covering cushion that is perfect for keeping your valuables, or ensuring all your kid's toys go in one place! Guerrilla was inspired by objects of war, except the difference is that this one is being used for a friendly and peaceful use. The covering cushion bag is inspired by the trenches that are dug during periods of war, and have been re imagined to cover a wood cross ply drawer that has a very easy opening mechanism. Use your imagination and change these two pieces of unique furniture however you see fit!


The cushion is hand sewn with the finest textile in order to ensure a smooth finish, and the cushion is designed to copy the style of coffee sacks. You can either buy the Guerrilla module, or you can opt for the optional drawer as well that is available with the module. The Guerrilla module can be used with various other pieces of furniture, or you can just place them on top of each other to create a wartime trench 'look'. The Guerrilla module was designed by Stone Designs.


Stone Designs