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The mere word 'green' brings about a sense of recycling and eco-friendly atmosphere to mind. It is no coincidence then that our dedication towards preserving the planet and ensuring its safety has led us to create this beautiful, uniquely designed chair. Green is a project designed to save what we love most; Mother Earth. Designed and created by Javier Mariscal, Green is a conventional chair with a unique outlook that is made from 100% recycled polypropylene, while the structure below can be made available in either wood or metal. This is a perfect choice in libraries, seating halls, hospitals, waiting areas and at various public places.

The light weight materials used in the creation of this chair make it very easy to move around, while the metal or wood structure on which the chair is placed gives it an excellent platform to stand upon. The polypropylene chair is slightly flexible, allowing you to move about slightly. There's a slightly elongated seat attached to the chair as well, which provides a comfortable, relaxing feeling. A stylish geometric design is embossed in the center of the chair. There are a couple of metal handles protruding at the back to allow for easy movement.

Javier Mariscal