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The perfect office chair, as they say. Have you found yours? Take a break from the uncomfortable chairs placed in meeting halls and reception areas, and go with this beautifully designed, yet highly functional office chair. The Gracia is not just designed to sit you down, its main aim is to ensure that you don't get uncomfortable while seated, and it does a lot of things good to ensure that. The back support of the chair is beautifully designed and has a slight curve on each side in order to ensure that it sets in to place around your sides while you sit down. The plywood chair also has a curved seat, lifted from both sides in order to ensure that you are able to keep your grip while seated, and remain comfortable.

The metallic structure that keeps the seats in place and forms the legs of the chair is chromed and polished to look shiny and beautiful. This is an extremely light weight chair, making it perfect for home or office use. The light colored varnished plywood looks beautiful to the eyes. Secured and tightened in to place with screws placed on the underside, the Gracia is all about functionality and ease of use.

Jorge Pensi